Happy to announce that we have partnered with Beach View Real Estate at the start of this summer! The team at BVRE is full of inspiring people that have ambitious plans for the future. They have two main sides to the business; vacation property management, and real estate sales. DDMA Studios will be providing production, management, and design services for Beach View. 
What sparked the need for our services, is a recent investment into the property management arm of the business. As they grew past a dozen properties under management, the company insisted on finding a solution to reduce dependence on the sites where they list vacation rentals. We were able to set them up with a turn-key website that automates many of the tasks that used to be manual, and produced attractive content that doubled returns over night.
We conducted a complete brand audit in Q1 of 2021, and suggested a full rebranding. After many discussions and input from the owners, we launched a new website and revamped their social medias with the new branding. The current design draws inspiration from the past logo, incorporating the iconic double palm tree that has become famous among the beach communities. The resulting design carries this ethos into a new age of Beach View, while preparing it for a durable future as the real estate sector transitions to digital-first in the next five years.
We are very excited for our future with Beach View and believe that, along with our help, they will be destined for an amazing future.
Checkout their new website by clicking here.
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